Passing White

What do you do when your history and heritage are kept from you and you feel like you have no community? How do you cope when you are cast out and those ostracized beside you view you as an outsider? I am Hispanic. Mi Abuelo was born and raised in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and I […]

Who I Am

Self-invention is something everyone goes through at some point. For most, it’s the adolescent experiment of puberty that usually plays host to such an intimate action. But for some – for me – it can happen much later. “Who am I?” is a powerful question that begs an answer. In fact, such a question is […]

Let’s Talk: Racism

And once again, dear reader, we find ourselves in the aftermath of a tragic event that creates more offense and bigotry than positive social change. And once again, I find myself having to write about something that should, in my opinion, be rather cut-and-dry. But, before we get into it here, can we please take […]

Let’s Talk: Pride

Oh man, oh gosh, oh boy. This is a contentious debate and yet again, I find myself having feelings that are so complicated for an issue that is so simple. Let’s begin. The internet is up in arms today over #HeterosexualPrideDay with fighters on both sides. Many are saying that we should be “all inclusive” […]

Exploring the Recesses of My Mind

For me, it’s easy for my life to begin feeling chaotic. Between the stresses of puberty 2.0, settling in a new city, starting a company, finding a job, etc., it can be very hard for me to feel relaxed or centered. And people have different ways of relaxing. Finding one’s center is important for mental […]


I’m going to keep this short right now, because frankly, I’m too emotionally exhausted to write tonight. I want to talk about Orlando, but I can’t deal with my feelings right this second as they’re still too raw. So instead, tomorrow I will be posting a lighthearted post about something else entirely. As far as […]

Let’s Talk: Religious Freedom

“Religious Freedom.” It’s a buzz phrase. We hear it a lot in political arguments about all kinds of things: the death penalty, abortion, LGBT rights, etc. But when we use religious freedom as a defense, we need to make sure we’re using it correctly. And in order to do that, we need to really understand […]

Space! And Why We Need To Return.

I tend to write about my passions. As a transwoman, these passions tend to gravitate toward the issue of basic rights for trans* people. However, such topics tend to feel rather serious and emotionally…heavy. For once, I’d like to write about something less politically charged and yet, just as close to my heart. Space is very […]