Space! And Why We Need To Return.

I tend to write about my passions. As a transwoman, these passions tend to gravitate toward the issue of basic rights for trans* people. However, such topics tend to feel rather serious and emotionally…heavy. For once, I’d like to write about something less politically charged and yet, just as close to my heart. Space is very […]

Let’s Talk: Dysphoria

So, before I begin, I need to make a confession: This is going to be a very emotionally charged post. I wanted to post this days ago, but I’ve been so depressed and feeling awful that I’ve been having trouble getting these words on the page through the tears. But I digress… Today, I want […]

Let’s Talk: Bathrooms

So, there’s been a lot of talk in the news about trans* people, bathrooms, legislation, rape, and trans panic. And I’ve been seeing a lot of misinformation running around, incomplete information, and suggested solutions that aren’t really solutions at all, and I wanna voice some opinions and concerns […]

On The Importance of Advisement: Addendum

Every so often, one of my posts can trigger a long and in depth discussion. I love when this happens. Most recently, my post titled “On The Importance of Advisement” was reposted to Reddit, and a fascinating conversation unfolded in the comments. You can read the comment thread here. Occasionally when this happens, however, I […]

On The Importance of Advisement

For today’s “Trans* Tuesday” post, I want to talk a little bit about the importance of advisement. Specifically, the importance of having someone intimately familiar with a marginalized group of people (preferably from inside the group) as an advisor to writers and directors for film and television. This can, of course, be applied to any […]