Let’s Talk: Pride

Oh man, oh gosh, oh boy. This is a contentious debate and yet again, I find myself having feelings that are so complicated for an issue that is so simple. Let’s begin. The internet is up in arms today over #HeterosexualPrideDay with fighters on both sides. Many are saying that we should be “all inclusive” […]

Exploring the Recesses of My Mind

For me, it’s easy for my life to begin feeling chaotic. Between the stresses of puberty 2.0, settling in a new city, starting a company, finding a job, etc., it can be very hard for me to feel relaxed or centered. And people have different ways of relaxing. Finding one’s center is important for mental […]


I’m going to keep this short right now, because frankly, I’m too emotionally exhausted to write tonight. I want to talk about Orlando, but I can’t deal with my feelings right this second as they’re still too raw. So instead, tomorrow I will be posting a lighthearted post about something else entirely. As far as […]