A [Kinda] Brief Biography


Stephanie Danielle Gonzalez is a professional advocate, full-time activist, and a transgender woman of hispanic and european descent.

She was born February of 1990 in Wichita, KS. Although she was not raised in what many people would consider a “stereotypical latin evironment”, she was raised in a culture of traditional latin values, chief among them being familia.

This upbringing cultivated a deep compassion for others which she has turned into public outreach because, as she says, “No one should suffer as I suffered.”

She studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA where she majored in Visual Effects (with an emphasis on compositing) and minored in Film and Television.

It was in college where she began to mentor and counsel other queer and minority youth.

Dany is a professional advocate and activist, and very outspoken when it comes to LGBTQ rights; it comprises the main focus of her outreach. In addition to writing about social justice, she is developing two podcasts that revolve around transgender issues in an effort to show people that transgender people are just as human and normal as everyone else.

Danielle is also very outspoken about racial equality as well. Being of hispanic descent, she has experienced racism in her life and works every day to fight racial disparity.

Danielle also works as a freelance web developer, most recently building a website for a Seattle musician, Claire Michelle. She focuses on building websites for LGBT artists from all over, but she has been known to take other clients as well, such as a Seattle company, ArcLight Boards.

In her spare time, she enjoys browsing Reddit and keeping in touch with those she loves in the form of social media. She can be found curled up on the couch most evenings, reading articles on various topics (or a good book), and sipping a glass of red wine. She enjoys listening to music, binge-watching a good television show, or analyzing a film.

Danielle Gonzalez currently lives in Seattle, Washington.